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Rules & Regulations

Amateur Showcase auditions are open to:

  • Singers, Dancers, Comedians, Rappers, Spoken word artists, Musicians and Variety acts.

  • Anyone who DOES NOT have a contract with a major label or studio.

Additional Requirements: 

  • An "Amateur" is considered to be anyone who DOES NOT have a recording contract with a major label or studio.

  • Each contestant will have three (3)  to five (5) minutes to perform.

  • No band on site for audition.

  • Singers can bring a CD, mp3 player or sing a cappella.

  • Dancers should bring a CD or mp3 player for their performance.

  • Do NOT bring CD’s in CD-RW format.

  • Any and all other instruments must be provided by performing musicians.

  • Performance should be in good taste with no profanity, including racial epithets or slurs (this includes the “N” word).

  • Contestants are on a “first come, first served” basis and only the first 20 acts will be seen.


  • Judges will pick the top performance for the award using audience responses (clapping, cheers, etc.)

  • $1,000 Total Cash Prizes - Winner takes all!

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